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Finding the design for your office that will create the most productive work environment for your employees may require hiring a professional to help you decide what will best fit the needs of your business and workstation screens play a crucial role in this. Spaceplan helps you select workstation screens so that you can satisfy the needs of your employees and we have trained and knowledgeable staff who can assist you in all phases of your office design project. We supply a wide range of affordable office furniture – including workstation screens, available in standard sizes or custom made to fit your premises and your needs. They start with your vision and take it to the next level by helping you choose workstation screens for your space then see it through to completion. Our professional approach will allow you to feel confident that your expectations will be met and exceeded with any job you ask us to do.

By speaking with one of our staff, you will be able to discuss your plans and the options available to you. Whether you are creating a new space or going through an office refurbishment, we can help. With over 10 years of experience, Spaceplan offers a wide

variety of partitions and office furniture Melbourne to businesses in the area. Be an integral part of the process by asking questions and engaging our employees to ensure your concept will be reflected in the final product.

An important phase of your project will be choosing furniture for the newly designed space. This step is critical to the overall success of your plan. Furniture has the ability to complete the look you envisioned and finding the correct pieces is essential to the productivity of your employees. For people who sit for the majority of their time at work, an ergonomic office chair will provide them with the comfort that allows them to continue to excel throughout the day. Choosing chairs that are rigid can be distracting and take away from a person’s ability to focus.

If you are looking for workstation screens in Victoria, call us now on 9338 9111. You can be sure that our staff at Spaceplan will help you find the right design for your office space that enables your employees to be at their best every day.


The 70mm screen suite is designed to accommodate individual needs and is manufactured to suit any configuration required. A unique interlocking design facilitates efficiency and ease of installation allowing the system to be reconfigured or added to in any busy office environment. The ducting system can incorporate multiple power and data requirements to cater for the most demanding of companies.

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A modular workspace system for high density office spaces. Whether you need individual desking systems for offices or modular concentrated work team based areas to enhance and optimize your workspace. Axis workstation and desk combinations are well complimented by storage and seating options.

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A streamlined desking system built for demanding work spaces. Aero’s well proportioned leg shape is a dynamic statement in style that creates a strong and sophisticated aesthetic for your office environment . The Aero system incorporates a full suite of highly functional options including general office storage, personal filing, cable management and tables.

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Whether you need individual offices or concentrated work or team based areas Anvil workstations are a superb collection of desk and workstation elements – Anvil is a statement in style. The modular structure of Anvil guarantees adaptable layouts and solutions that support a multitude of ways of working.

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Studio 50 screens are a simple, user friendly and flexible system which allows you to create and change layouts to adapt to your changing business needs. Studio 50 allows you to specifically design your work areas making your office run far more efficiently whilst creating private workzones with stunning visual effect. Environmentally friendly 100% reusable and recyclable aliminium frame and polymer resin- foam core makes Studio 50 a conscious choice.

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