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Whether you are after office partitions which are easy to install and remove, ones that are highly durable or just need to add to an existing system, we have you covered.

System 44mm demountable partitioning suite takes the fuss out of installation and can be easily removed and reinstated allowing for greater flexibility to meet the changing needs of modern day businesses. The system allows you to optimise your long term investment, all components are reusable reducing cost and waste, thus supporting our environment.

Finding the right partitions for your office workspace

In the ever-changing world of business, finding office partitions to suit your needs can be a challenge. A variety of options are available and each will portray a different message regarding your business. At Spaceplan, our knowledgeable staff will walk you through our selection of office partitioning to help you find something that will meet your needs. One choice for businesses that want to maintain their ability to alter the design is a demountable partition suite. This allows for easy reconfiguration when the need arises. Instead of office partition walls that include more of a permanent installation, the flexibility with demountable partitions enables you to reuse the components to get the most out of your investment. Once you have selected the office partition style for your space, our staff will be with you throughout the entire process from design to implementation to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.

If you are looking for an open concept design or something better suited to fit your high-density office, Spaceplan has options for you.  A room can be altered significantly through the use of workstation screens many of which can be changed easily to accommodate new employees or fulfill your need for a new look.

Furniture and layout are important to productivity

Here at Spaceplan, we recognize how much time an individual spends at work and how important being comfortable is to productivity levels. We offer an assortment of affordable office furniture to fill your newly designed space. Your employees will accomplish more when they are in an environment that allows them to thrive instead of fidgeting all day. For the average person who works in an office setting, the majority of time is spent sitting which means finding an ergonomic office chair will help set them up to succeed.

We assure that once we are done with your new office partitions, you will be completely satisfied with our level of service and quality work.

For more information on our office partitioning services, simply contact us for a detailed discussion and free quotation today!

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ECO-44 (Demountable) is the most cost effective and versatile of all partitioning suites on the market today. Being a fully modular, prefabricated partitioning suite it makes for an easy, no fuss, no mess installation in only ½ the time of conventional drywall suites. It can also be easily removed and re-instated allowing for greater flexibility to meet the changing needs of modern day businesses. This system allows you to optimize your long term investment as all components are reusable thus reducing waste and supporting our environment into the future.

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