UNIVERSAL – 85 Drywall Plasterboard Partition

Universal 85 & 95 are two of the most prevalent and popular partition suites used in the commercial fitout market today. Efficient to use, simple to install and not to mention easy on the eye they are designed to suit every office environment from small to large, with flexibility being a key factor to their success.

Universal-85 Features:

  • A permanent structure achieved by using top & bottom track, 51mm metal studs with 13mm plasterboard lining to both sides
  • Can accept up to 12.38mm laminated glass
  • The system can be full height solid, full height glazed or part solid part glazed
  • Can be insulated using the desired density for acoustic and thermal performance
  • Can accept a door thickness of up to 44mm

Plasterboard Options:

  • One layer of 13mm plasterboard either side of 51mm stud

Acoustic Performance of Plasterboard Partitions:

  • RW35 without insulation inside the wall cavity
  • RW43 or better with ASB2 polyester insulation inside the wall cavity
  • RW rating mentioned above can be increased with a higher density insulation

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