ECO-44 (Demountable)

ECO-44 (Demountable) is the most cost effective and versatile of all partitioning suites on the market today. Being a fully modular, prefabricated partitioning suite it makes for an easy, no fuss, no mess installation in only ½ the time of conventional drywall suites. It can also be easily removed and re-instated allowing for greater flexibility to meet the changing needs of modern day businesses. This system allows you to optimize your long term investment as all components are reusable thus reducing waste and supporting our environment into the future.

ECO-44 (Demountable) Features:

  • Modular prefabricated system that is quick and easy to install
  • The system can be full solid, full glazed or part solid part glazed
  • Can accept a door thickness of up 44mm
  • Can accept up to 12.38mm glass thickness
  • Can be front glazed or centre glazed
  • Can accept insulation up to 25mm with the desired density
  • The system can be easily removed and reinstalled
  • Capable of accepting all electrical & data cabling requirements
  • Available in a range of vinyl finishes

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